A man confronted with himself.

Juan drives from his farm to town in search of Ignacia, his caretaker´s wife. But the place is foreign to him, and when night falls, Juan gets lost. In that long wandering, Juan unleashes the monster inside him, violent, irascible and controlling. To escape, Juan is confronted with himself, and with this, the possibility of change.


Quebrada Ignacia began to take shape in 2014 Álvaro finished the first draft of the script. Since then, numerous versions have been written and the story has been refined. Álvaro participated with this project in Tres Puertos Workshop with meetings in Chile and México, under the guidance of tutors such as Lucrecia Martel, Mariano Llinás, Martín Rejtman, Paula Astorga and Nicolás Pereda.

In early 2020, the team decided to intensify their processes with the objective of shooting as soon as possible (the protagonists’ casting process, location scouting trips to the Osa Peninsula, refining the cinematographic language that will guide the film, adding key members to our crew and intensifying rehearsals).

We insist that despite the difficulties posed by the global pandemic and the confinement, in addition to the little state support that cinema receives in Costa Rica, we do not want to stop. We are very close to being ready to shoot our film in the Quebrada Ignacia in Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast .


We want to talk about the internal battle of a middle-class man from San José, who has always known how to behave in front of people, in front of his partners, in front of everyone watching, but has kept violent, controlling, authoritarian behaviors just below the surface. The film is a night in Juan’s life, a man who finds, in the anonymity that an unknown town offers, the opportunity to act on those delayed desires. We want to explore the different constructions of masculinity, individual processes, and possible changes.

Álvaro lived in Puerto Jiménez for several years – it is the place where he began making films – and he often expresses that behind the signs that advertise boutique and ecological hotels, there is a town crossed by violence and vices in a very acute way, where nothing is what it looks like. And so is Juan, an urban man, educated, affable, but very close to the boiling point due to the internal battles he fights. With Quebrada Ignacia , we want to to break that idealized and romantic notion of the Costa Rican small town and present it, just like Juan is, as a space crossed by contradictions.


Our budget is a relatively low budget for this type of project (we believe in this kind of approach to film production) and we already have part of the financing confirmed. However, we still need to cover some expenses, especially lodging, food, and transportation expenses in Puerto Jiménez. We also believe that, through our production and your donations, we can all help reactivate the local economy in a place that has been badly affected by the pandemic and the lack of income from tourism.

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Our team


Álvaro Torres Crespo (director and screenwriter). Álvaro, a Costa Rican filmmaker, completed his film studies at the Northwest Film Center in Portland, Oregon, and earned his MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. His first documentary feature film, 'Nosotros las Piedras,' won the best documentary award at the Cartagena International Film Festival in 2018, was nominated for a Fenix Award and has been screened in dozens of festivals worldwide. Quebrada Ignacia is his first fiction feature film.


Natalia Quesada (executive producer). Student at the Film and Television School at Universidad Veritas. Co-founder of Dos Ruedas Producciones production company. Natalia produced the short film 'Instinto', directed by Esteban Garita, which was selected for different national and international festivals.


Esteban Chinchilla (director of photography). Esteban is a consolidated photographer with a broad career in documentary and contemporary dance photography. He has recently began working as a cinematographer, working as a DP in 'Viaje' by Paz Fábrega and 'Objetos Rebeldes' by Carolina Arias.


Marcela Jarquín (casting director, assistant director). Marcela graduated from the Taller Nacional de Teatro in Costa Rica as an actress. She has collaborated as a field producer, casting director, assistant director, and actress in different commercial and artistic audiovisual projects. Among these projects are 'Nina y Laura' by Alejo Crisóstomo, 'Aquí y ahora' by Paz León, and 'Desasosiego' by Paz Fábrega, all feature films.


Alex Catona (composer). He is an experimental musician with training in classical music, a film score composer, and educator. He already has extensive experience as a film composer with dozens of titles worldwide to his credit.


Braulio Fallas (line producer). Student of the Film and Television School Major at Universidad Veritas. His graduation short film 'Un Hijo Ilegítimo' is in production. Co-founder of Dos Ruedas Producciones production company. Director, producer, videographer, and editor of multiple short films, commercials for social media, and corporate videos.


Sebastián Gutiérrez (sound recordist). Graduated from the Film and Television School at Universidad Veritas. He has been head of the sound department in the production and post-production of several short films.


If you still have questions please consider contact us at info@dosruedasproducciones.com

A film by Álvaro Torres Crespo